Dr. Terry Dorn

President, Middle East and
Saudi Arabia Operations

About Dr. Terry Dorn

Dr. Dorn was born in Ankara, Turkey. Dr. Dorn joined the Army and as an Air Defense officer, deployed seven times to various combat zones in his thirty-year career. Two special assignments included serving as a speechwriter to the Chief of Staff of the Army and military assistant to the Secretary of Defense. In 2020, he completed his Ph.D. at Northcentral University in Business Administration. His area of specialization was in Homeland Security, and his dissertation was titled, A Phenomenological Study Examining the Vulnerabilities of U.S. Nuclear Power Plants to Attack by Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Dr. Dorn has authored four books including Unmanned Systems: Savior or Threat; U.S. Critical Infrastructure: Its Importance and Vulnerabilities to Cyber and Unmanned Systems, and The Unmanned Systems and Artificial Intelligence Revolution. In addition, Dr. Dorn wrote Countering the Threat Posed by Unmanned Systems Armed with Weapons of Mass Destruction while working at the Department of Homeland Security and a strategy implementation plan to turn that strategy into reality. Dr. Dorn has spoken on the capabilities and threats posed by unmanned systems to U.S. critical infrastructure to well over a dozen federal departments and agencies and countless other companies and universities.